This is #iamhere – Jag är här
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This is #iamhere

#IAMHERE works for an inclusive democratic society where everyone has the same possibility to express themselves on social media. Our METHOD is conversation. We want to change the nature of the discussion climate in social media.

Counteract hatred, threats and mockery and promote factual, respectful conversations instead, so that more people will dare to take their place and say their opinion without fear. This is to safeguard freedom of expression. Everyone should have the same opportunity to speak. We all come from different political backgrounds and party political domicile but we discuss political issues in a civil manor on social media to: Stop the hate, Help prevent the spread of disinformation, Practice our own civil courage, Become better counter speakers, Improve the political debate.

When we encounter open, public and hateful comment fields we write our own thoughts and opinions of the issue in that comment field. We also like and respond to other comments and write supportive answers to those we like. What the article or post is about, who wrote it or where it is published is of secondary importance. It’s if the comments are hateful that determine if it’s a comment field for the group to engage in. We only have one important rule and that is we do not spread prejudice, hatred, gossip or rumours. We are also not contemptuous or condescending towards other people. Instead, with our choice of words, we show that we stand for openness, respect and the good conversation.

We cannot take responsibility for what the members of the Facebook groups are doing online. We try however to improve social media by being by 2 moderators every day to make sure members do what the group promises; discuss objectively without hate speech. A member who doesn’t follow this rule can be excluded.

Our definition of hatred is: Unlawful threats, harassment, slander, violations, incitement to ethnic groups. Criminal acts where the motive can be derived from hatred or prejudice against an identifiable group that is based on a lack of respect for human rights and people’s equal value. Groups usually in this context are defined based on their ethnicity, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation, functional variation, gender or gender identity.

We do not report any posts, groups, pages or profiles on social media together. We also do not dox people. Our focus is to further a living debate where more opinions can come forward and more voices can be heard. We are not online to silence or correct, but because those who have been silenced and threatened must dare and be able to speak their mind.